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10 Coolest Cell Phone Concepts

If you think you already see the coolest cell phone around, think again. When you think that the technology has reached its limit, there will always be some great designers that come up with unbelievable innovations. A cell phone that can be snapped onto your wrist, sliding screen that allows user to have double displays on one device, transparent display, solar cells for a self-sustaining energy supply, slider-style phone, touch screen display that adapts to the function being used, a transformable cell phone, phone functions inside a pen, or even a phone that accurately detects the weather and change its display accordingly. What will come up next? As long as people with strong imagination exist, I believe there will always be something new. Something that most of us can’t even predict.

Visual Sound

visual sound cell phone concept
A scroll-like cellphone concept that converts voice to text and vice versa for deaf people.

Mobile Script

mobile script cell phone concept
A phone concept to have when you want a laptop in your pocket. Two touchscreens, small one on the front and the larger one with 9.5 inches diagonal internal screen is put inside the phone that you can slide out.

SUS Waveface Ultra

A superthin, flexible OLED cellphone concept that you can wear on your wrist just like a bracelet that you can control with hand gestures or by touching the screen.

Window Phone

A unique cell phone concept that detects and illustrates the weather condition.

Pen Phone

Two target-shaped areas on the top and bottom are earpiece and receiver.

Projector Cell Phone

projector cell phone
Whoever needs a cell phone with rotating screen and built-in projector, take a look at this one.

Dial Phone

Make use of the projected light beam in the inner circle to dial a number.

Glassy Glassy

glassy glassy
Turn on the phone to make the keypad and screen visible.

Double Layered Transparent Screen

double layered concept
A cell phone concept that provides a feeling of “dept” when you display suitable pictures on both screens.

Kambala Cell Phone Concept

kambala phone
An earphone that automatically blends its color with your skin tone at the time you clip it to your ear.

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