Amazing Skies [pics]

20 excellent examples of macro photography shots

Macro photography or in other words close-up photography is a quite difficult but at the same time unique kind of photography art. By using this effective style you can take pictures with such amazing details that can be seen without a telescope, microscope or other devices, you can enjoy them simply with a naked eye. Macro photography can show you all little details of a fly that is sitting on the window, all small parts of a flower’s structure or display tiny details of our inimitable environment. The process of taking macro pictures is difficult and it has to be well tuned to make a really wonderful artwork. Some artists prefer to avoid this technique, cause think it is expensive and implicates many photography devices. But the most important you have to own is a talent, infinite imagination and fantasy.

When you are thinking over your future artwork and its management you take into consideration many important details and things. What do you need to make your macro creation outstanding and unique? What should you know?

Macro photography requires time and diligence. This process is not quick, a photograph has to be very patient to catch an appropriate moment and take an amazing shot. The first great helper is a tripod, this device fixes the camera so that it doesn’t move or fall down and prevents it from changing the frame. Tripod’s weight is by far very important in a macro photography, it has to provide stability and be heavy enough not to stir. This photography tool should allow to anchor the camera just above the ground or at artist’s eye level, it enables to move the camera in all directions and corresponds to the total weight of the camera. Tripod will help you in using longer shutter speed and careful focusing.
All dedicated close up photographers have to own macro lenses, which provide excellent picture quality and are brighter than the other optical option. They might be optimized to provide its best performance at a magnification of 1:1. By using these special lenses you can take the advantage of the full rank of automatic light metering and focusing. If you are seriously interested in macro photography or it’s a considerable part of your life and it will be your important theme of photos, it is by far worth to invest in a macro lens and you’ll definitely be a successful owner of qualitative and unique pictures.

In order to achieve a satisfactory optical effects you may use macro filters which can be fastened to the front of the camera lens and if you want to intensify the magnification you can combine them together. But always remember, that in spite of all these devices the most important are your photography skills, attention and your desire for an excellent shot! To familiarize you with the beauty of this art we’ve prepared a stunning roundup of 20 macro images that are surely worthy of your attention and will by far serve you as a great source of inspiration. Enjoy the collection and get new fresh thoughts and outstanding ideas.

1. Matches

A wonderful colorful composition of the variegated matches. Really great macro shot.

2. Yin Yang

Creative combination of coffee and salt granules. The author pays a great attention to details and if you look closely, you’ll see that the salt has a pink shade and the background is like a granular. The photo was taken using a Canon EOS 5D.

3. Marguerite

Absolutely awesome shot. Gentle white flower looks really effective against deep-black background and the mixture of two opposite colors makes a deep crisp contrast.

4. Hubble, Bubble, Toil and… (make that ‘Boil and…’)

The author caught an amazing moment when bubbles were boiling. So original and alive composition by Michael Summers.

5. Dragonfly

Curious dragonfly against a fresh green leaf. The photographer succeeded in conveying all the beauty of an insect.

6. Paper wasps tending to their larvae

The texture is stunning, very detailed and well thought-out composition. This is a real macro photography masterpiece.

7. Banana splash

A close up shot of a palatable banana in a splashing milk. The photo was taken by fRandi-Shooters.

8. Praying Mantis

Inquisitive praying mantis with big red eyes. It’s a picture of natural incredible beauty. The photograph chose a perfect moment to shoot an insect.

9. Gel

It’s like a morning dew on a spider’s web, but in fact it’s a gel which looks really effective and stunning. The photo was taken using a Panasonic DMC-FZ8.

10. Crab

It looks more like an underwater vegetation, than a crab. A great photo by Stephen Childs.

11. Hummingbird Clearwing Hawk Moth

Thanks to the excellent work of the photograph we can enjoy all natural beauty of graceful transparent wings, fragile legs and a long proboscis of an hummingbird. Very detailed and creative shot with blurred background.

12. Cowberries

Close up photo of tempting cowberries. We can lean over all tiny details of this awesome picture.

13. Drops

Qualitative macro shot by Donna-Casino. Water has a relief form and looks really gorgeous.

14. Bug

The colors of the picture are amazing unique and beautifully composed. Macro image by Mims 1975b.

15. Remember the time

Macro shot of tiny flowers in a garden. Smooth texture and gentle background make all composition very gentle and romantic.

16. Ladybird

Little ladybird on the autumnal rich orange leaf. Absolutely amazing picture by Joke83.

17. Purple rain

Beautifully arranged crystal clear composition with glistering raindrops by ForbiddenSorrow.

18. Le Cafe

Home made coffee with whip cream and hand cut chocolate swirl. Tempting and palatable macro shot.

19. Spider on Pongamia leaf

Spider’s legs are like appendages in the front and look very prominent. Brilliant artwork by binux.

20. WaveHill 3

The mixture of minimalism and maximalism styles in a one awesome photograph. What’s small to us is such a mountain for an ant!