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Apple TV Pre-Orders Have Shipped


The new Apple TV has been described as having the potential to revolutionize TV as we know it. With built in Wi-Fi and streaming HD Fox and ABC Television shows for only 99¢, who wouldn't want it? The device itself only cost $99, which is less than half of its predecessor. Apple TV can also stream Netflix and play music from any computer with iTunes on your Wi-Fi network. The ability to watch YouTube on Apple TV is also included. However, there is no local storage on this so you can't actually buy anything on it. There is 8GB total storage on this device, yet, you can not download movies or TV. If you have bad network connection it will affect your streaming capabilities. 

But, the good news is...People who have already pre-ordered it are receiving conformation that it has shipped! The earliest reported estimated date of arrival is October 1st. This is something I'm definitely putting on my wish list.

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