Amazing Skies [pics]

Crazy Book Origami By Isaac Salazar

Isaac Salazar is a very unasuming artist. He is someone who has never taken an art class in his life, and claims to be without an artistic bone in his body. I strongly disagree… If you are wondering how he does it, he uses simple math and an exacto knife. It takes him anywhere from 3 days for the simpler styles to 2 weeks for the more complex styles. He has recently ventured into logos and symbols.

“I see my work as a way to display a meaningful piece of art onto a book that would otherwise sit on a shelf and collect dust; it’s also my way of recycling a book that might otherwise end up in a landfill. The words or symbols I use are drawn from anything that invokes inspiration or encouragement, such as “Read”, “Dream” and the Recycle symbol. If my work also makes people look at a book and even art in a new light, then the piece has done its job.” - Isaac Salazar

Book Of Art By Isaac Salazar

1. Pink Ribbon


2. Chris


3. Salazar


4. Infinity


5. Faith


6. Recycle

7. Dream


8. Michigan


9. Spartans


10. Create


11. Read


12. Sunny

13. Peck


14. Love

15. Anarchy

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