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Crux 360 Case turns your iPad into a Netbook

For $150, you can turn your $500 iPad into a $400 netbook with little assembly. The CruxCase sounds like the title for a mystery film, but it is in fact the iPad’s best friend. It features a full QWERTY keyboard, and different stand positions for watching movies, and using it like a laptop. The case starts at $150 and is available for pre-order now.

CruxCase™ The iPad's® New Best Friend from CruxCase on Vimeo.

The Crux360™ is the worlds first clamshell-keyboard case that allows you to use the iPad® in a multitude of positions. It’s features an full bluetooth® keyboard. Great for entering large amounts of text for emails and word processing. In addition, the Crux360™ Features four modes:

1) Laptop Mode, which allows use of the keyboard.
2) Movie Mode, great for watching videos, playing games, or just surfing the internet.
3) Tablet Mode, great for reading books or magazines.
4) Carry Mode, when not in use the Crux360™ closes up and protects your iPad’s® screen from nicks and scratches.

The Crux360™ does all of this while still allowing you access to all the ports and buttons on the iPad®. The Crux360™ is great for students and road warriors who need the portability of the tablet computer and the functionality of a laptop.