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Google To Introduce a Content Rating System to the Android Market

Google is all prepared to introduce a new content rating system for Android App and this is addition is in response to the user demand. Very soon the Android Market will have one of the four content rating; All, Pre-Teen, Teen and Mature.

Developers will have to submit new and updated apps along with the rating based on updated Android Market guidelines. Developers can specify their own ratings however, if users flag it as an incorrect rating the Android guys will have the ability to change the rating. A recent statement made by the company reads;

Android Market.jpg

“Please use our application ratings to help users determine whether your application and its content is appropriate for them. This includes all the content in your app, including user generated content and ads, and content that your app links to. All applications should adhere to the Android Market Developer Content Policy. Ratings don’t need to reflect the difficulty or quality of your app. Please use the following as guidance in determining the appropriate rating category. As the developer, you are ultimately responsible for rating your application in the appropriate category.”

Eric Chu of the Android Developer Ecosystem has mentioned that if developers fail to update their applications with the new rating system the applications will be rated as “Mature.” This new system reflects the growth of the Android Market which has always been tagged as an open and less restrictive platform for developers while Apple already did this back in 2009.

Sadly, both the platforms restrict pornographic applications, :P. Read more of the new rating system on Android Market.