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How To Hack Into A Computer

To gain access to ("hack into") administrator privileges on a computer, just follow the steps below. While these activities are not condoned by this article, it is important to know your enemy. Here are three methods to gaining access!

Method 1

  • Open Notepad and enter {cmd} then open it. Once you open it, type net user /add and type a username, put a space and type your easy-to-remember password. Enter it into the prompt and log off. Now you can log onto that login without anyone knowing that you are now an administrator.
  • Make sure you select "on this computer"
  • Have fun with your restrictionless account! It's literally restrictionless because you're an admin!

Method 2

1) The Trophy. The goal here is to gain access to an administrator account. Doing anything malicious or damaging is illegal and unethical, so please don't! The ethical thing to do would be to find a way into the system through cunning and intelligence, and only make it obvious that the system has been compromised. If you can access cmd.exe, then change the password of an Admin, and change their personal settings, and be awesome to change the wallpaper to something humorous (if you can't, open Notepad and type in the following to get a something like a copy of it: @echo off cmd echo on or type in "start" Save as a batch file and change "Save File as Type" to all files;do not save as txt. 2) Scope out the battlefield . See if the command prompt or the registry is enabled on student accounts. With these enabled, you'll have quite a bit of power. 3) Procure an administrator password. It depends on who you are dealing with, as does the last instruction: if they're intelligent, you'll never get near one, if they are not so sharp all you have to do is wait, or type in cmd (net users administrator *) 4) Practice reading people's keystrokes with a friend, regularly have "problems" with your account during class requiring the teacher to log in, etc. etc. If an administrator or teacher leaves themselves logged in, see what you can do while they're gone. If it's an admin, find the remote desktop connection to the server and copy it to a place where you can access it on your normal account. This is a file, hopefully with the Admin's password saved on it, that will connect to the server, allowing you unfettered access to the network. Again, tweak a few things, etc., don't destroy anything. 5) Social Engineering is the single best way to access a system, or so say many. It often requires no techy knowledge to instigate, but the more you have, the better. For example, leave a USB stick beside the teacher's computer in the computer-room/library/classroom, with an autoexec file that compromises the account in some way, similarly you can doctor a USB mouse to contain a USB drive with a similar autoexec file. Write a program that looks like the login screen, or some login screen that your Admin might use, and ask him to enter their password. The possibilities are endless.
  • Social Engineering can be really handy, the more you know about someone, the better it is. Just get to know every little detail about them, personal details (telephone number/email-address etc), hobbies, likes/dislikes; just everything! And you will be able to guess the password eventually, or get the person to say theirs because they trust you!

Method 3 (Difficult)

1) Download pwdump to the computer that you are using. If the site is blocked then you should download it to a thumb drive and put it in the computer. 2) Right click in a any folder and then New>Text Document. 3) Open it and type "" 4) File>Save As and save is as something.bat. 5) Double click on something.bat. 6) Navigate to the pwdump folder using CD the location of pwdump. 7) Type -o hashes.txt localhost email hashes.txt to yourself or put it on your thumb drive. 8) On your own computer Google-install ophcrack and follow one of the guides. 9) Click load pwdump file and locate the text file to load the hashes. 10) And you cracked the administrator.


  • Never delete things or use private data maliciously, or alter files. Gaining access in the first place should be your goal, not causing damage.
  • Take any possible opportunity to make a laugh out of the school's IT staff, they deserve it if you've compromised the system.
  • Unblock a games website, it won't do any harm, and you'll get some respect.
  • If you can't access cmd (command prompt), make a shortcut at home and bring it on a USB pen drive or something. It will work this way.


  • Don't do anything malicious or damaging in any way. A good-natured school won't discipline you too much for compromising the system, but try changing your grades on the system and you're gonna lose your likability factor.
  • Don't tell the class attention-seeker. They're likely to tell authorities what you're up to.
  • Always ask yourself if what you are doing is justifiable under the gaze of the principal.