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[HOWTO] Get AirPrint Working on Windows (With non-AirPrint Printer)


AirPrint turned out to not be all it was cracked up to be….Luckily we have a way to let you use more printers than just the 11 HP Printers that Apple currently has available for it. There’s been a known way that Mac users can do this for a few weeks now. That guide can be found here. Today, I’m going to show you how to get it working on your Windows computer. The guide can be found after the jump.

This guide will show you how to enable AirPrint to any printer you have connected to your computer via Wi-Fi. Don’t worry, it’s really simple. Just download the AirPrint Activator from here. After downloading the tool from the link above, activate AirPrint for Windows. Then you have to make sure the printer you want to use is enabled to share in System Preferences (printer properties).

All done!

Please note that AirPrint.exe must be enabled in Windows Firewall.

Mac Guide for this 

AirPrint Activator