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Kinect Teardown iFixit = Beautiful

If you haven't already heard, Microsoft's Kinect has been released. Shortly after being released, iFixit's beasts separated the twin-eye motion sensing camera into its component parts, and there's definitely PrimeSense silicon on board. To those unfamiliar with PrimeSense -- PrimSense according to their webpage is:

"PrimeSense technology gives digital devices a three dimensional view of the world. Giving devices the ability to see and understand the world like humans do revolutionizes the way we interact with devices and the place devices take in our lives. Our technological breakthroughs make us the first company to offer affordable 3D machine vision technologies for the consumer market."

The Kinect even houses a PrimeSense processor that handles images from the color and infrared CMOS auto-focus imagers, a Marvell SoC to interface with those cameras, 64MB of DDR2 memory and 1MB of flash plus an accelerometer (not sure the full use of the accelerometer -- we are speculating it used so the device knows when you've smacked it off your TV stand.) According to iFixit, the device was covered with four different kinds of security screws and a large amount of glue. A lot of work was put into this, but it was oh so worth it to reveal this beauty of robotics and architecture