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Should LukeTechTips Change Its Name? [Poll]


First of all, we would like to thank our loyal readers for their support in LTT. We love all of you! Over the past 4 months we have loved to see the comments you have posted, and interactions you have made with the site. It makes our day when we see our viewers enjoying our posts.

Although it has been a wonderful journey, with many changes in direction and layout, an issue has presented itself. Our main focus is no longer on “Technology Tips,” as it has shifted to entertainment and tech news. We think that the name “LukeTechTips” no longer applies to what we love to post, and what you love to consume.

We want to ask YOU (our viewers) if you would like us to change our name. If you have an idea/suggestion, let us know in the “other” field on the voting box below. – If we end up using your name, you will receive a prize :)

Thank you LTT viewers! We are very excited to see that you are enjoying the content we post.