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Step by step guide to Jailbreak iOS 4.2.1 with RedSn0w 0.9.7b6

The Dev team has released RedSn0w beta 6 which fixes a couple of old issues such as Bluetooth functionality and now Skype. What is most important to the users is the fact that this jailbreak is actually untethered. Unfortunately in order for us to have an untethered jailbreak your iDevice must have 4.2B3 SHSH files on file with Cydia. Keep in mind this is only for Mac users. I had a friend test this out on a virtual machine running Leopard and it did not work so do not waste your time trying that method. This version of RedSn0w is limited to iPhone 4, iPad, and iPod touch 4G. If you need an unlock then I suggest you stay away from this version of Redsn0w and wait for The PwnageTool to be updated.

Lets Begin

The files you need are :

  1. Redsn0w 0.9.7b6
  2. iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch 4.2.1 IPSW from here
  3. iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch 4.2b3 IPSW from here 

Only those enrolled in the iPhone Developer Program have legitimate access to that 4.2b3 IPSW.

Please don’t pirate Apple software.

Place all the items you have downloaded on your desktop.

1) Run Redsn0w and click browse

2) On the left pane click desktop and select the 4.2.1 IPSW from the right pane and click next.

4) Now if you had your 4.2 b3 SHSH files on file with cydia, check Jailbreak Monte (untether) and select the 4.2 b3 IPSW when the window opens. If you dont have 4.2 b3 SHSH saved then just click next and your device will jailbreak but will be tethered.

5) [Read the directions that Redsn0w gives you] - Power off your device and make sure it is plugged in to your computer. 

Follow the onscreen instructions

Once this step is completed the jailbreak process will start and may take a while. Be patient and just wait. You will see files install on your iDevice. Once it is finished Redsn0w will say “Done”. Your iDevice will then boot up after a few minutes and be fully jailbroken! Untethered!

Enjoy the jailbreak! :)

If you are having trouble, or have any questions, just leave a comment below and the LTT team can help you out.

You can also follow me on twitter for more updates @bhfboss and of course follow @luketechtips :)

by bhfboss

MyWi is now fully compatible with 4.2.1

Just wanted to give you guys a quick update. MyWi 4.0 has been updated to work perfectly fine on

ios 4.2.1. Please click read more for the important information

Go into Cydia, search for MyWi, and simply re install it.

Try to open it after you have downloaded it. It will tell you that you need to reboot your phone.

Before you do that, I want you to have the LATEST version of redsn0w

Click here for the mac version and click here for the windows version.

If you are on a iPhone 4 or iPad you will want to have redsn0w from the links above.

I also need you guys to download the latest iPhone 4.2.1 and iPad 4.2.1 from here

Next you will want to launch redsn0w and browse for the ipsw for your iDevice and click next.

Next for a simple reboot uncheck cydia and check Just boot tethered right now

Then turn off your iPhone or iPad and click next and follow the directions to boot your iDevice

by bhfboss

iOS 4.2.1 Update Issues

What would a firmware update be without some bugs? Thankfully we're here for you. Yesterday, upon updating my iPhone 4 I came across a problem. It was almost done updating iPhone crashed and iTunes said it couldn't be updated. It sent me into a frustrating spiral of me attempting restores and getting the same error code "1013" whenever it was almost done restoring it. I searched through some forums, even countless posts about it on the Apple Support community. I finally found two solutions. NOTE: I'VE ONLY TRIED THE FIRST ONE!

The solution that worked for me was restoring it on another computer (Be sure to save your back-up on another computer before updating, just in-case). The other solution that I found on Apple's website was not tested by me but countless people have confirmed it works. Check it out after the jump.

On Mac:
* Open Finder
* Hold down COMMAND + SHIFT keys and press 'G'
* Enter "/private/etc/" in the field and press "Go"
* Find "hosts" file in the directory
* Drag the file to your desktop
* Open it in text editor
* Remove the line that has entirely or put a # at the beginning of it to comment it out
* Save the file
* Drag it back to the /private/etc/ folder.
* You'd need to enter your username and password to authenticate the move

On Windows:

  • Locate the hosts file in one of the following directories:
Windows 95/98/Me c:\windows\hosts
Windows NT/2000/XP Pro c:\winnt\system32\drivers\etc\hosts
Windows XP, Vista, 7 c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts 
  • Right click and click on "Open With..." and then click on "Notepad" on the list.

  • * Remove the line that has completely and save the file.
This should work fine but you will lose all music, photos, videos and books :S
by Bill