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How To Get Skyfire For iPhone (Real Flash Browser)

Ever wish you could break free from Apple, rebel from the constrains from witch they hold us? Well, apart from jailbreaking, we have Skyfire 2.0. Skyfire 2.0 is a nifty little browser that allows iPhone (and Android) users to view flash videos on any site.

Ahhh, take that Apple.

The App opens up with a tutorial on how to get started. It is fairly simple and took me all of 30 seconds. You simply visit a flash video site (ex., You then load page with video you’d like to view. From there you click the Play Movie button. Viola! Flash video on iPhone (and Android). Over all the app is solid. It is no Safari replacement, but it is there for when you need to view flash.

Sadly, the app was pulled from the app store after only a few hours of being released. The company says it is temporary and will update soon. Skyfire also commented and they say it’s not Apple’s fault; demand for a Flash video workaround is apparently so high that the company’s having server issues.

However, if you are jailbroken…its in Installous. Take that Apple… Twice. Here is the direct link to the AppTrackr app. Note: You need to be jailbroken and have the appsync app installed from