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Spread The Word And Earn Money [Reminder]

Dont forget!

In an effort to increase awareness of our facebook page, we are paying you to get our name out there!

Earning the money is as simple as suggesting our Facebook page to your friends, and referring friends to thisprogram! The steps will be very simple, here they are:

Step 1) Request to be apart of the program:

Step 2) Get accepted and follow simple directions

Thats it!


- If you have been accepted into the program and suggest our page to all of your friends, you will receive 2 dollars via paypal.

- If you refer people to this program and they complete it, you will earn either a 5 dollar iTunes card/ 5 dollars to paypal (3 people), or a 10 dollar iTunes gift card/ 10 dollars to paypal (6 people.)

- You can refer an unlimited number of people to this program [every 3 people will earn you 5 more dollars]