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[How To] Request a Refund for any iPhone App

Ever download an app for your iPhone that was… well… just plain crap? Sure, we all have. Speaking from experience, I’ve gone through many a crappy app, and I end up grumbling to myself things like ‘piece of #$*!’, ‘I can’t believe I paid for this’, or ‘I want my money back’.

Wait… I want my money back?… is that even possible? Guess what folks, it sure is.

While reading a very informative post over at OSX Daily the other day, I stumbled across a very easy way you can request a refund for that under-developed and money-UNworthy app. Simply do as follows:

  1. Launch iTunes
  2. Click the iTunes Store
  3. Login to your iTunes account
  4. Click on your email address in the upper right corner
  5. Click on ‘purchase history’
  6. Select the app you’d like a refund for
  7. Click ‘report a problem’
  8. Fill out the form detailing your grief and issues with the app

That’s about it. If this method garners no refund for you, you can always use Apple’s web form. Both methods are worth a shot, especially if your gripe is with a ‘premium’ app of $9.99 or more. Just remember to keep your refund request reasonable. Try not to input reasons like ‘this app sucks’. You’ll be denied. Provide valid reasons for your request, and in the end I think you’ll find some success. Performance issues and buggy gameplay are definitely solid reasons you can (and should) site in your request.

For what it’s worth, Apple considers all sales final, so you are up against a bit of a wall here. Apple does have final say, but if you provide sound reasoning, you know, something like ‘this app crashes every time I open it’… you may be surprised at the end result. Refunds aren’t the norm, but they have been known to be given.

Note: It goes without saying this same process works for any iOS powered device. For iPad and iPod Touch apps, go ahead and follow the same process.


Whats New In 4.2?

Apple has released iOS 4.2, a free software update that brings the features of iOS 4—including multitasking, fast app switching, and a unified mail inbox—to the iPad for the first time. Apple says the update, which also adds the new AirPrint and AirPlay features to all compatible devices, will be available at approximately 10 a.m. Pacific Time.

How To Update:

Connect your iPhone , iPad, or iPod touch to your Mac or PC then click check for updates and follow the instruction onscreen. The update is compatible with all idecive except for original iPhone and first-generation iPod touch.

What’s new :

Multitasking on iPad

iOS 4.2 brings multitasking from iPhone(except iphone 3g) and iPod touchto iPad. Everything happens the same way that happen on iphone,this is the  ability for apps to run portions of themselves in the background while other apps are in the foreground, the ability for apps to pick off right where you left them when you switch back to them, and the new “fast app switcher” interface that appears when you double-tap the home button.






Folders on iPad:

You can now store your apps in folders. so you dont need to carry 10 pages instead you can just fit them in 2.







AirPlay is a new feature that allows you to stream all kinds of content from your iPad to AirPlay-enabled devices, like the Apple TV.











 AirPrint will let you print from your iOS devices and their apps, over the air, to either shared or AirPrint-enabled printers.


Changed iPad toggles

On the iPad, the screen orientation lock switch becomes a software function in the multitasking bar, and the hardware switch will now work to mute sound, Also, you can now fine tune the backlight through the multitasking bar:

Whats your favorite?


Three Features We'd love to see in the big ol' iTunes Announcement

Around ten today Apple is annoucing something BIG with iTunes. Just visit the Apple Homepage, and you’ll see what we’re talking about.

Here are a few Features We’d love to see coming to iTunes:

Streaming Music: We want it. Apple Wants it. Proof of it comes from Apple’s recent acquisition of streaming service Lala. All the pieces have been in place for Apple to let you stream your iTunes music library anywhere. However, the only holdup is getting all the record labesl onboard. Maybe the power Steve Jobs got finally playing ball. [ Or he will release the Kraken(; ] The annoucement would be huge and could justify the hype.
[Very Likely]

Wireless Sync: Jailbroken idevices can already accomplish this, so the technology is there. However will apple break us off the umbilical cord we call a sync cable? Hopefully. [Likely]

Cloud Storage: Apple’s not going to let that big ol’ server farm in North Carolina go to waste. And today might be the day that they free your music from your hard drive—and vice versa—letting you stash your cache in the cloud. [Very Likely]

We hope there are other features to come, however these are on our wish list. Keeping our fingers crossed…