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Full Feature Film Made Entirely From Scenes of Grand Theft Auto IV "The Trashmaster"

The trashmaster (nouvelle version nouvelle voix-off !)
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Over the span of two years, French filmmaker Mathieu Weschler created The Trashmaster. It is an epic 88-minute journey of sex, drugs and violence. The crazy thing is, it was made entirely from scenes in Grand Theft Auto IV.

I am already hooked from watching the first 10 minutes of the film. It is jammed pack with action and a great story line. It is a must watch!

Kudos to M. Weschler – and enjoy, all.

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A Life on Facebook - Astounding Short Film

Ever wonder how someone’s life might look on Facebook? This short film by Maxime Luere really paints a bleak picture of what life is all about, and in the end somewhat simplifies our entire existence into a few moments and photos.


One of the most controversial questions: Should you friend your parents on Facebook? Answer HERE :)