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The Most Disgusting iPhone Charger Ever

Want to lay eyes on the most disgusting iPhone charger you’ve ever seen in your life? Don’t take my word for it, hit play on the video above and behold the Umbilical Cord iPhone Charger. Note how the cord pulsates and moves as the charger delivers nutrients, er, I mean power to your iPhone.

Credit for this piece of double-take gadgetry goes to Japanese artist Mio I-zawa. Quite honestly, I’m not sure whether to ask him ‘WHY!?’, or just leave this as is, and tell myself I’ll never look at that video again.

Unfortunately I can’t tell you if this is available for purchase or not, as I was turned-off just enough to not want to know much more about the darn thing. However, if you’re curious as a cat, you can check out Mio’s website for some more, shall we say, ‘interesting’ works.

iphone umbilical cord charger The Most Disgusting iPhone Charger Ever