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[How To] Share your iTunes music and video across your home network with home sharing

If you have more than one computer at home, as most people do these days – you may have wondered how to get some music or videos from one computer to the other. While there are many different and complicated ways of doing this iTunes now allows you to share all your content, very simply, with up to five different computers on your home network. Find out how to do this, after the break.

1. Click on Home Sharing in the left navigation screen of iTunes.

You’ll find the Home Sharing on the left panel, beneath the iTunes Store.

2. Enter the Apple ID and password of one of the accounts in your household.

Authorization is simple, but requires you to have an iTunes account, and to have authorized the computer in question to play media associated with that account. Once that’s done, your Home Share libraries should appear in your source list.

2. Go to the other computers in your household and enter the same Apple ID and password. You can do this on up to 5 computers

Clicking on an available library brings up a straightforward list of all the media available on that library. As with Shared Libraries, you can only view Home Shares in list view, not in Grid or Coverflow. It’s inconvenient and unfortunate, but it doesn’t really detract that much from the feature’s usability that much, especially since you can still filter the library via search.

3. Copy the music, TV shows, movies, etc you want from the other computer to your computer. You can copy by clicking and dragging files from their library to your library.

You can also break down the shared library into categories, just like iTunes’ native library is divided up. Clicking on any item in any category will activate the “Import” button, which allows you to physically copy the item to your current library with a single click.

4. See files that do not exist on your computer by clicking “Show All Items” and changing it to “Show Items not in My Library” at the bottom of the iTunes Screen.

To make it easier to find items you don’t already have, there’s a simple drop down menu in the bottom left-hand corner of the media browser window that lets you choose between “All items” and “Items not in my library.” You can also open the “Settings…” dialog to set up automatic transfer of new purchases from one library to another via Home Sharing, ensuring that your content is up to date across all computers.

5. Set up future syncing of future purchased items by clicking “Settings” in the bottom right corner of the iTunes screen.

Click the types of media you wish you have automatically transferred to your computer.

And that’s pretty much it. This works on iTunes 9 and above. Currently it only shares between iTunes on your Mac and PC, we imagine this will also allow you to share between your iPhones, iPad’s and Apple TV’s in the future. Maybe we will see this in iOS 4.3 ?

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