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Three Features We'd love to see in the big ol' iTunes Announcement

Around ten today Apple is annoucing something BIG with iTunes. Just visit the Apple Homepage, and you’ll see what we’re talking about.

Here are a few Features We’d love to see coming to iTunes:

Streaming Music: We want it. Apple Wants it. Proof of it comes from Apple’s recent acquisition of streaming service Lala. All the pieces have been in place for Apple to let you stream your iTunes music library anywhere. However, the only holdup is getting all the record labesl onboard. Maybe the power Steve Jobs got finally playing ball. [ Or he will release the Kraken(; ] The annoucement would be huge and could justify the hype.
[Very Likely]

Wireless Sync: Jailbroken idevices can already accomplish this, so the technology is there. However will apple break us off the umbilical cord we call a sync cable? Hopefully. [Likely]

Cloud Storage: Apple’s not going to let that big ol’ server farm in North Carolina go to waste. And today might be the day that they free your music from your hard drive—and vice versa—letting you stash your cache in the cloud. [Very Likely]

We hope there are other features to come, however these are on our wish list. Keeping our fingers crossed…