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The Galaxy Tab Review

WARNING: This review was written by a android fan!

Let me start this review by saying I’m thoroughly impressed with this iPad rival.

The main feature that will stand out on this device would be the form factor; with its 7-inch high quality display it sure won’t disappoint. It boasts 1024x600, full HD display. Although its rival, the iPad has a higher screen resolution, the smaller screen on the Android Tab serves as the dominant viewing experience.

I was never really big on the Android operating system, but wow, Android 2.2 Froyo is extremely responsive and runs very smoothly.

I believe it’s the Froyo that enables the user to navigate the galaxy tab with ease.

Enhanced options are what make the galaxy tab surpass the iPad. One of those options you will be faced with is whether to use the dual camera feature and what to use it for.

The rear- facing camera is not the best, nor is it the worst, pretty much average for a cell phone/mobile device. The rear facing camera boasts 3.0 mp with led flash to take some breath taking pictures or film family vacation. The front facing camera is another great feature of the Galaxy Tab; you can use the 1.3 mp camera to indulge in voice chat. I think the dual camera on this device sets it apart from the competition.

Web browsing is a very enjoyable experience as well. Web pages render very well and with speed. Flash is one of those things you don’t realize you need or miss until you don’t have it. I must say, it doesn’t compromise speed that much.

The last area I would like to touch on, and probably the biggest advantage, especially with the size form factor I mentioned earlier, is the e-book reader, Kindle for Android. The text formaton the device is not hard on the eyes at all. Along with the natural ability to hold the device, one-handed, at long intervals, makes for an enjoyable reading experience. The weight of this device is never an issue

My take on the Samsung Galaxy tab, if you are in the market for a very mobile, do everything device, this is it.